Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Duncan's Bride by Linda Howard (Audio Edition)

Narrated by Lesa Lockford
Series: Patterson-Cannon Family #1

♥ ♥ ♥  I bumped this book up to 3 stars, due to the writing and narration as these were both well done. However, I just could not abide the hero. He was such a jealous stubborn jerk! The way he treated Maddie, and the things he said to her were terrible and uncalled for. Maybe I am jaded, but I don’t see this kind of person changing their ways, and I would not enjoy being in this kind of relationship, so I can’t understand why the heroine would want to.

Personally I think a man can still be “Alpha” and be able to treat people with respect. To give Maddie some credit, she didn’t take Reece’s crap.. Which was good. She stood her ground and made choices for herself. I did think she fell in love a bit too fast.. But hey.. ya never know right?

If you are looking for a story, where the hero has trouble getting over his past, and realizing his future… this may be a great story for you.

Lesa Lockford did a great job with her narration. She had a very calm relaxing attitude for Maddie's character which I thought fit well and her gruff, no nonsense voice worked perfectly for Reece.

The blurb:

Reese Duncan wanted a wife, pure and simple. Someone to have children with, someone to help him rebuild his ranch, someone uncomplicated...and someone very different from his first wife, the woman who'd destroyed his life. But he hadn't bargained on Madelyn Patterson. She was sophisticated and citified, and she was willing to herd cattle, keep house and start a family with Reese. The only thing she asked for in return was love - the one thing Reese refused to guarantee.

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