Monday, January 30, 2017

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young (Audio Edition)

Narrated by Paula Costello

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ½  I really enjoyed this book! It kept me up late listening and when I couldn’t listen I was thinking about listening. Braden comes across as a charming, bossy, arrogant, and a bit of a jealous guy, who, when he wants something, he gets it. Now don’t get me wrong.. Some of those sound like bad traits, but he pulled them off.. Though he also had moments where he seemed almost unreasonably controlling. So much so that if a guy had said that to me.. I would just tell him to take a hike! Thankfully most of those moments were met by a spunky Jocelyn who called him on it. She was strong, funny and other than her unwillingness to let people in, I really liked her. Sometimes her attitude made her seem immature or even cowardly, but it wasn’t so much that I was rolling my eyes or anything and really was the base of the story, so I understand.

I have never read Samantha Young before and I really am looking forward to the rest of this series! Paula Costello did a fantastic job narrating, honestly I think it made the book even better for me as I loved her Scottish accent! So happy I stumbled upon a random recommendation to this series!

The Blurb:

Jocelyn Butler has been hiding from her past for years. But all her secrets are about to be laid bare…

Four years ago, Jocelyn left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without attachments. Her solitary life is working well—until she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street where she meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core.

Braden Carmichael is used to getting what he wants, and he’s determined to get Jocelyn into his bed. Knowing how skittish she is about entering a relationship, Braden proposes an arrangement that will satisfy their intense attraction without any strings attached.

But after an intrigued Jocelyn accepts, she realizes that Braden won’t be satisfied with just mind-blowing passion. The stubborn Scotsman is intent on truly knowing her… down to the very soul.


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    1. I really love the accents.. best part about audiobooks! Hoping the whole series is as good as the ratings say! On book 2 now, so far so good!