Friday, December 09, 2016

Kissing My Killer by Helena Newbury (Audio Edition)

Narrated by:
Christian Fox and Lucy Rivers

♥ ♥ So I picked up this book because I REALLY enjoyed the last book I read by this author (Punching and Kissing) and this one had gotten even better reviews!  Apparently I do not like what everyone else likes. I am not into this much sex in a book. If they weren’t actually doing it, they were thinking it, or planning it or even sometimes it felt like setting up scenes in the book to have the scenario of sex be the only option…  Don’t get me wrong.. Sex in books is good but I didn’t feel the chemistry between Gabriella and Alexi which made their interactions less passionate and more just... sex. Also Gabriella seemed to not know herself and she was aroused by things she didn’t seem to want or like… but then did them anyway.. why? I asked myself.. To please Alexi? Or is she actually wanting to try this stuff..but she’s just hesitant?  That part bothered me. I admit I started skipping through the last few sex scenes.

The plot of the story was decent and I think maybe had I not felt weighed down by all the sex I would have enjoyed the story more. I really dislike giving negative reviews, but I will be a bit more selective when reading the next Newbury.. Cause like I said.. Her other book was really great! This is part of the “Kissing series” but they do not seemed to be linked, at least not to the one I read.

The narrators both did a wonderful job. Probably the only reason I finished the book as quick as I did.

The Blurb:

I know I should be afraid of him. He's huge. Powerful. Cold as ice. But the way he gazes at me makes me weak.... Now we're on the run together. They say he's a monster, but I've glimpsed the person inside. The man sent to kill me is the only one who can save me, and I might be the only one who can save him.

Contains mature themes.

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