Saturday, September 03, 2016

50 Acts of Kindness by Ellyn Oaksmith (Audio Edition)

Narrated by:
Wendy Rich Stetson

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Right off.. the heroine, Kylie, is a snobby bitch. Wow! I was happy to see that as soon as she got “home” karma really did bite her in the ass. Throughout this story I was dumbfounded at how she treats people and yet so many of them take her crap! I was happy to see that Chet was NOT one of them. He stands up to her and it's about time someone does.  

I had a hard time respecting Kylie. Even at the end of the book she at least seemed to mature a bit and find out some stuff about herself and how to treat people, but at the same time still held a bit of the selfishness to her..  she kept saying “I can't believe he said that” when she, herself had acted the same way, not that long ago.. so I wished she would have made the connection “on the page” on how horrible she treated people as I am not sure if she actually understood how badly she behaved.

The secondary characters were great. I really liked Margaret, she was a spunky old lady. I see her as basically an older version of Kylie. The voice Wendy used for her was perfect!  The mother and her B&B was funny, the dog Bat, Marcus - Kylie’s friend, and of course Chet all helped to make it a good read.

I had no expectations with this book, as I have never read or actually even heard of this author before. I found it funny in parts and I shook my head with a grin at Kylie’s antics a few times. The writing was good and the narration was also done well.  I wish there was a bit more romance.. cause I am a total romance junkie.. but honestly this book kept me listening to see how it all worked out. Even if some of the times it was just to see what this crazy chick would do or say next!  

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

The blurb:

From acclaimed romance author Ellyn Oaksmith comes a novel of change, challenges, and ultimately, kindness... 

Being overly kind isn't in Kylie Harrow's nature. This has never been more evident than when Kylie vents her frustrations to an innocent employee—and the whole scene is posted online, tanking her career and earning her the dubious distinction of "World's Worst Boss." But when she flees home to the South, Kylie finds her childhood home has changed. The high school quarterback is now the hot and handsome sheriff. Her mother has turned her home into a nudist colony. And worst of all, having heard about her daughter's exploits, her mother won't let her in the door until Kylie completes fifty kind acts in fifty days. 

The task seems easy enough at first—and may even help repair her media image—but it quickly turns into a hilarious quest that leads Kylie down a bumpy road filled with new challenges. What started as a gimmick to save her career evolves into a mission to save a spunky old woman and her little dog from homelessness. As Kylie learns about the nature of kindness, she finds the path to happiness and, for the first time ever, maybe even love. 

"Even at her most un-kind, I fell in love with Kylie! Her journey is not only funny and exciting but also heartwarming and inspiring. Ellyn Oaksmith has created one for the keeper shelf!" 
—Gemma Halliday, New York times & USA Today bestselling author 

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