Friday, April 08, 2016

Awakened by Elisabeth Naughton (Eternal Guardians #8)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Man I've missed these Guardians! This book was great! Both leads were fantastic, their chemistry was flowing between them right from their first meeting. The Hero was sweet and honest, the Heroine was feisty and strong. I loved how "drawn" to each other they were

     One of my favourite elements of these books is the "soul mate curse." I love the idea of soul mates, and these Argonauts are the best kind! It was great to revisit all of them, and, as this book takes place about 25 years after the last one, we are also getting glimpses of some of their children, and Max! Wow! He's gotten all manly! I remember reading about him in the second book and thinking that he had all the potential to be an awesome guardian.. here's hoping he gets a story! 

     Also, and I may be wrong on this.. but I believe Naughton has introduced the very first female Argonaut... which is SUPER COOL! Makes me wonder if the soul mate curse will work the same way on her.. I don't really see why it wouldn't.. but perhaps she's exempt due to only the males being cursed?? Guess I will have to wait and see on that! 

OOh and I can't forget about Zagerus! He is such a treat! I sorta wished I had reread the last two books just before I had read this one, as at points I had kinda forgotten a few things.. like how Zagerus ends up where he is.. but this didn't detract from the story. If you have not read these books, I would suggest you start at the beginning because, for one: they are all great, and two: they are somewhat intertwined.  Either way, as I read the last few sentences of this book, all I could think was how much I am already anticipating the next one!!! 

Well Done Ms. Naughton!!! 

*I received and ARC in exchange for an honest review* 

Estimated Release date: April 12th 2016

Here's the blurb:

DAMON – For twenty-five years he’s served as a plaything for the gods. With no memory of his past, he has no way of knowing if this is his ultimate fate, but he senses there has to be more to life. 

Damon’s hope for more comes in the form of the Sirens’ newest recruit. Elysia is unlike any trainee he’s ever met. Not only can she remember where she came from—an ability the Sirens block—but she has an instant connection to Damon, one he’s never felt and doesn’t understand. Soon Damon is willing to do anything to have Elysia. Even risk the wrath of the gods to break her out of Olympus so he can keep her for himself.

But Damon’s past isn’t a mystery to everyone. Evil forces are at work beneath the surface, and before long, Damon realizes that the connection he shares with Elysia isn’t a random coincidence. His fate—and the darkness it brings—was cemented long ago. And when it is finally revealed, no one will be safe.

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