Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Bride by Julie Garwood (Audio Edition)

Narrated By Rosalyn Landor

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I have read and reread this book MANY times over the years. I always remember parts of the story and think they must be in separate books, because there couldn't be that many good parts in one book! Alec Kincaid is a stern, unrelenting man, but deep down he's just a big sweetie when it comes to Jamie. Jamie has a lot of gumption, and stands up for herself and what she believes it right. Which gets her into lots of binds, but also makes for a great match for Alec. 

I love their conversations, their bickering and their shared moments are wonderful. I Love how Alec always tries to get a rise out of Jamie!  This is one of my favourite Garwoods and I totally recommend it. 

Rosalyn read the book splendidly. She has a satchel full of voices, which allows the story to play out easily, drawing you right in! 

Here's the blurb:

By the king's edict, Alec Kincaid, mightiest of the Scottish lairds, must take an English bride. And Jamie the youngest daughter of Baron Jamison, is his choice. From his first glimpse of the proud and beautiful English lady, Alec felt a burning hunger stir within him. This was a woman worthy of his fearless warrior's spirit. And he aches to touch her, tame her, possess her...forever.
But with the wedding vows, Jamie pledges her own secret oath: She will never surrender her love to this Highland barbarian. He was everything her heart warned her against -- an arrogant, brooding scoundrel whose rough good looks and seductive embrace fire her blood. But when strange accidents begin to threaten Jamie's life and an old rumor that Alec killed his first wife spreads anew, something far more dangerous than desire threatens to conquer her senses.

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