Saturday, July 11, 2015

Moon Thrall by Donna Grant

★★★  This is the second installment in the LaRue series, and the 5th in the whole Chiasson/LaRue lot. I enjoy both families and how Grant has intertwined them. I thought Court and Skye were alright characters, however, I didn't feel their chemistry together as much as I have with the leads in other books in this series. I am still looking forward to Riley's story and enjoyed her part in this book.

All these book so far are novellas.. and this one felt a bit rushed to me.  I have the next book lined up here on my kindle and I look forward to reading it soon.

Here's the Blurb: 


Skye Parrish is living her dream. As a reporter, seeing her name in print is always a thrill, and being able to tell the world about the dangers of the supernatural is an added bonus. Unfortunately, her investigation into the mystical factions of New Orleans has landed her squarely in the sights of some of the city’s most dangerous creatures. In order to survive, she must place her trust in one of the groups she was looking to expose. But her unlikely alliance could lead to something far more perilous - the loss of her heart to the hunky and captivating Court LaRue.


As the youngest member of a family of werewolves tasked with keeping the peace in New Orleans, Court doesn't carry the weight of the past like his brothers. When the vampire faction begins breaking the rules the LaRues are sworn to uphold, Court takes the lead on the investigation and finds himself faced with a threat even bigger than the vamps – a feisty and fearless woman who holds him utterly in thrall and makes him look to the future. But there will be no forever for them if they can’t survive the present.

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