Saturday, June 13, 2015

Something Sinful by Suzanne Enoch

★★★ This is the third book in the "Griffin Family Series" I quite enjoyed the first two and still can't wait to read the fourth.. but this one.. I found it a little harder to get into than normal, with this author. I hunted around for this book for a long time, so perhaps I just had super high expectations. There were laughs and I enjoyed the lead characters Shay and Sarala. For what ever reason her name tripped me up throughout the entire book.. not sure why..  This story is still worth a read and I can't wait for Sebastian's.. His book is up next!

Here's the blurb:

It was lust at first sight . . .

She was a vision, an exotic goddess who floated across the ballroom, conjuring images of warm nights and silk sheets, and Lord Charlemagne Griffin felt lightning shoot straight to his . . . well, he was definitely interested. So the lady isn't exactly the sharpest knife on the rack, as Shay soon discovers, but the generous bosom just above her low neckline more than makes up for it. Before he knows it, Shay is bragging about an impending business deal to impress her . . .

Lady Sarala Carlisle may appear naïve, but too late Shay realizes her unconventional beauty masks a razor-sharp intelligence and flawless instincts—and she'd just bested him! Well, two can play at this game, and one of Shay's many skills is the fine art of seduction.

But in this contest, the only thing to lose is one's heart.

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